21 Apr 2015

Is your business ready to take on the new Google algorithm?

You've probably heard something in the news about Google making a big change this month to the way their search engine works. As of today (April 21, 2015), Google is launching a new algorithm that favors "mobile-friendly" web sites over non-mobile-friendly sites. What does that mean and what does it mean for your business?     Among other things, a mobile-friendly site should load quickly, adapt well (responsively) to any size and shape of handheld

Just what is Responsive Web Design?

We’ve all heard the term bandied about and we nod sagely as if we are in the know. But what does it actually mean and why do the web gurus hammer on about it as being an essential part of today’s web site design?   The term Responsive Web Design (RWD) was coined several years ago by Ethan Marcotte and is mentioned in his 2010 article, "Responsive Web Design” (link). To most of us, responsive

Evolution of the mobile site

This is one of the best, and most concise, descriptions of the evolution of the mobile site that I have come across, written by Magalie Heberard. It's in French so, in case you don't speak the lingo, I have translated and summarized the author's points, which doesn't do justice to her lovely humor, unfortunately!   http://siecledigital.fr/2015/02/compatible-mobile-responsive-les-sites-web-lheure-du-mobile/   English Translation:   In the beginning there was chaos...2 images shown...   A homepage not designed for display