Meadows Museum, Dallas, Texas

The Meadows Museum, Dallas Texas has the largest collection of Spanish art outside of Spain and retains a close working relationship with the Prado in Madrid, Spain. In fact, the Meadows founder, Algur H. Meadows, envisioned a “small Prado for Texas,” and he realized this dream through his generous gift of art and funding in 1965 to create the Meadows Museum.

I have worked with the Meadows Museum since 2001 when I built their first HTML site. Since then I have taken the site through various updates and refreshes but this latest build launched in February 2017 was a culmination of a year’s planning, designing and building, to bring the site into the present day with a brand new Content Management System. I really enjoyed building this site although it wasn’t all plain sailing as it required quite a bit of additional coding and tweaking to make it what it is. Click on the image below and enjoy your visit!


Meadows Museum Dallas