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Services - Web design company, My Pawprint Productions, is ready to build your beautiful new website! Let us take care of your social media and e-newsletter campaign set-up and set up Google analytics goals and gather useful data. No matter the size of your business or organization, we are here to help. E-mail us today for a pressure-free chat.

My Pawprint Productions Web Design Services


My name is Pam Muirheid. These are my design skills below and to the right are the design and analytics services I can provide your business or organization. Contact me today and let me know how I can help you!


Skills (in percentages)








Adobe Creative Cloud94%

Social Media94%

Google Analytics98%

Google Tag Manager92%

Mail Chimp E-newsletter Design96%

508 Compliance93%

Gather Content97%

Teamwork Project Management90%

web design
Web Sites


Responsive WordPress sites. Thousands of styles/themes and plug ins/widgets to choose from to make your site zing and stand out in the competitive world of internet. The world is your oyster! You will have the option to manage the site via the dashboard yourself or I can manage it for you for an hourly fee or an agreed upon monthly retainer. I can also maintain your existing WordPress, Drupal or Joomla site.


Mobile Friendly Web sites. Are you one of the approx. 40% of top businesses whose web site is still not mobile friendly? Google changed their search algorithm in April 2015 to favor sites that are “mobile-friendly.” This could mean the end of top-ranking for your site when mobile users search for your product. I can build you a new mobile-friendly site.


Customized sites built from scratch to your preference. You will have the option to maintain the site in house yourself if you have someone who knows HTML and CSS or I can manage it for you on the same basis as above. I can also help train clients in the use of Dreamweaver, so if you are local to the Washington D.C. area, that is a possibility.


I have extensive experience in Google Analytics and can create a customized dashboard sent to your e-mail on a weekly basis, with the top 10 items of interest regarding your site performance, whether it be monetary goals, or just how many people visited your site last week. If you prefer to set up your Analytics using Google Tag Manager for ease of in-house use, I can do that too.


I also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as part of the web process, which is key to making your site more visible in search engines.


Social Media


This is how you can actually put that fantastic web site of yours to work! A web site alone may not be enough to attract and engage a customer base. You need to let people know you are out there. Let me take the headache out of setting up your social media accounts and e-newsletter campaigns. I’ll get to know you and your business and reach out to the right audience. Curious visitors will start to arrive at your site. Once there, the content on the site is paramount to “capturing” your clients. Give them something to do when they get there, e.g. sign up for your newsletter, offer free trials, view strategically placed video presentations. This is where we work together to make sure your web site and social media work in concert.


You may want to consider a blog, which takes commitment on the part of the client, but is a great way to build up a loyal following. Good quality blog posts get noticed and quickly shared on social media outlets and bring more people to your site. Want to let your client base know about a special offer, event, sale, etc.? I design e-newsletters and can set up a series of campaigns to send to your client lists, ensuring they “hear all about it!”

Print Design


Need a logo, business card, ad, brochure, 8ft. exhibition panel? I can produce it. Let’s put our heads together and make something amazing!

Above: Detail of panel designed for Historic Trinity School, TX. See in portfolio.

WEB. My Pawprint Productions (MPP) was born in 1998 when I built my

first web site for “the best small museum in America,” the world-

renowned Kimbell Art Museum, in Fort Worth, Texas. Since then I have

built sites for clients ranging from the art world to education,

transportation, and biotech. MPP also offers WordPress sites, which are

very popular due to the huge choice of templates and the autonomy they

provide to the client when it comes to updates.


PRINT. Along the way, I was asked to become the print designer for a

particular client who really appreciated my eye for design. I jumped

headfirst into a large project designing an exhibition at the Alcon Eye

Museum in Fort Worth, Texas, involving the design and production of (19)

8ft. x 4 ft. panels. I went on to design many more large panels for the

same museum and for Trinity Historic school and U.T. Austin Aerospace

Dept. MPP also designs smaller items such as ads, brochures, logos, etc.


SOCIAL MEDIA. MPP also offers a full-service campaign plan to promote

your event. We will set up and post to your social media accounts,

design e-newsletters and set up multiple campaigns to reach your target

audience, set up a Google Analytics account, and provide frequent

reports to measure your success. Even if you just want your social media

set up, we can do it! No job is too small. We look forward to discussing

your project and hope to do business with you soon!

George Mason University logo












  • “Pam: Thank you for all you have done to make our new website a reality and so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Kevin”

    Fr. Kevin Downey, O.F.M., PastorSt. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church
  • “I hired Pam to design the new website of the nonprofit foundation I was heading in San Francisco. She came up with the design we liked the best based on the set of requirements we had. Her experience and expertise outshone the other candidates in that she was excellent at translating verbal instructions into graphic end products. I retained her after the website was launched to design and manage our enewsletter campaign on MailChimp. Between May and November of 2014 we did approximately 250 campaigns and sent out over 28,000 e-newsletters to highly targeted mailing lists. She maintained the lists as well as designed the templates and periodically produced reports compiled from multiple sources. Always following my requests diligently but always taking appropriate initiative in both graphic design and message content, Pam produced and implemented every job I requested in an extremely timely manner and always professionally. In addition to e-newsletters, I’ve also retained her to handle our social media (Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest). She was our de facto Internet PR/marketing department all the time performing constant updates on the website. She is one of those rare outside professionals that can seamlessly fit in with your operations as if she were in the next office although in reality she was on the opposite coast. The only complaint I had was that she was always three hours ahead of me every day because of that. But I can hardly blame her for that. I recommend her wholeheartedly if you are looking for someone who can save you!”

    Ken Tomio, Executive DirectorWAFSF, San Francisco, CA
  • “Pam Muirheid can do—and do very well—whatever you need in the way of web and graphic design. I worked with her in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area for several years, on everything from creating and updating a fine arts company website to science and history museum exhibits to a label for our grassfed beef (now that we’re retired). She has a wonderful design sense. She works tirelessly and until the job is absolutely perfect, from her perspective and yours. That said, she met every deadline. I most appreciate the fact that she patiently listens to client input and ideas so that the final design product is truly a collaborative effort. I can honestly say I can’t imagine how she might improve her service. My Pawprint Productions is just terrific.”

    Dr. Cheri Wolfe, Former Director of Museum Services/Owner of Old Landing FarmDisplays Unlimited Inc., TX and Old Landing Farm, KY
  • “I am so grateful to you for your efficiency and good sense. (Be prepared for a daily “thank you.”) Having you [and Tom] involved in the web site is like having all the talents of a big marketing firm without the headaches and inflated costs.”

    Jo Szymanski, Associate DirectorMeadows Museum at SMU, TX
  • “St. Francis School community expresses our heartfelt appreciation to Mrs. Muirheid for her countless hours given to expanding the web site. The web site’s “new look” includes an alumni tab, faculty bios, and updated pictures. In addition, Mrs. Muirheid continues to be a resource for our webmaster, Mrs. Greene. Bravo!” (Site completely rebuilt in CSS, larger format, different colors, expanded navigation.)

    Dr. Tricia Barber, PrincipalSt. Francis of Assisi School, VA
  • “We decided last year that our school needed a fresh, new on-line presence to tell our story. We turned to Pam Murheid of Pawprint Productions to help us create this look. Our expectations were exceeded and our school community is thrilled with the results. Our website expresses our school’s charisma while providing all the information our current families and prospective families need. Pam’s creative spirit was a perfect match for Holy Cross Academy. Many thanks, Pam, for your service to our school!”

    Sr. Susan Louise Eder, OSFS, PrincipalHoly Cross Academy, VA
  • “On behalf of our St. Francis School community, I would like to thank Mrs. Pam Muirheid for the time and talent donated to develop our school web site. Mrs. Muirheid had the vision and creativity to capture the personality and attributes of our faculty, students, and parents through her design. We appreciate Mrs. Muirheid’s professionalism and dedication to share our Franciscan Catholic School message with varied audiences.” (First build. Updated in 2014 to current look.)

    Dr. Tricia Barber, PrincipalSt. Francis of Assisi School, VA
  • “It was absolutely worth it. It looks great! The colors are wonderful (huge sigh of relief), the lighting is nice and even down the front of the panels, and everything is very striking looking. You did an absolutely superb job!!!” Lifting the Darkness: The History of Cataract Surgery (permanent exhibition print project commissioned by Alcon Eye Museum)

    Dr. Cheri Wolfe, Director of Museum ServicesDisplays Unlimited, Inc., TX
  • “We love our new website. It is so beautiful—professionally designed, sleek appearance, brimming with good information. Thank you for this tool which we feel with help attract new families to our school!”

    Patricia Kuhn PrincipalHoly Family Regional School, AL
  • “Dear Pam—thanks for all you have done and for the great price for the web design and e-mail set ups, etc….it has been great working with you; you managed to get a tiny museum online in a great big way! Thanks!”

    Kim Bush Tomio, DirectorTyler Museum of Art, TX
  • “Pam—you’ve done an incredible job under some very trying circumstances (to say the least)! The web site is gorgeous and creative and it WORKS!”

    Dr. Cheri Wolfe, Owner and Director of Museum ServicesDisplays Unlimited Inc., TX


“…She is one of those rare outside professionals that can seamlessly fit in with your operations as if she were in the next office…I recommend her wholeheartedly if you are looking for someone who can save you!”
— Ken Tomio, Executive Director, WAFSF, San Francisco


Portfolio - I can deliver a beautifully sleek new Wordpress site at a reasonable rate. Scroll down to my portfolio to see what I've built. Site updates can be arranged on a contract or hour to hour basis. Need a social media campaign for your organization or company on any budget? Need to set up goals in Google Analytics to track your campaign progress? Contact me and we can talk! Using only online tools such as e-newsletters and social media and your Wordpress site, we can successfully connect with your target audience anywhere. Need a logo, a brochure, an 8ft tall exhibition panel, or anything in between, I can design it. Enjoy my portfolio and contact me to discuss your project.

I look forward to working with you!

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“Pam Muirheid can do—and do very well—whatever you need in the way of web and graphic design….She has a wonderful design sense. She works tirelessly and until the job is absolutely perfect, from her perspective and yours…”
–Dr. Cheri Wolfe, Former Director of Museum Services, Displays Unlimited Inc/Owner of Old Landing Farm



Blog - This is where I'll talk about the latest happenings in the world of web and print design, social media! All posts will be moderated first, so please no spam.

21 Apr 2015

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What is 508 Compliance and how can I use it on my site?

I’ve recently been working on “retrofitting” an old site I built some years ago to be 508 compliant. It has been an interesting learning process, going from knowing very little about it, to wanting to learn more. Even though there is a lot of information out there on the internet about 508 compliance, I thought I’d write a basic synopsis for those of you who are not yet ready to dive into the white papers but who were just kind of curious about the subject.   Definition In 1998, the US Congress amended the 1973 Rehabilitation Act to require Federal

Just what is Responsive Web Design?

We’ve all heard the term bandied about and we nod sagely as if we are in the know. But what does it actually mean and why do the web gurus hammer on about it as being an essential part of today’s web site design?   The term Responsive Web Design (RWD) was coined several years ago by Ethan Marcotte and is mentioned in his 2010 article, "Responsive Web Design” (link). To most of us, responsive design means building sites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones. In other

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